Marilena TolazziMarilena Tolazzi

Professore Ordinario, Università di Udine


 Laurea, 1981 Università di Padova

 Area di Ricerca:

Thermodynamics of metal ions and drugs adsorption for environmental and biomedical applications. Coordination chemistry. Calorimetry.




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Principali Interessi di Ricerca

Thermodynamic studies on metal complex formation in water, organic solvents and ionic liquids.

The research activity is mainly focused on the detrminations of thermodynamic parameters of: i) lanthanides complexes for biomedical application and sensing of chemical species in solution; ii) metal ion adsorption for their removal and/or recover; iii) drugs adsorption on nanoparticles (carriers).

 5 Pubblicazioni Recenti

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